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Text from catalogue 1992

Recieved Outstanding Award at the International Textile Fair 1992 for the work Set Going, 1990 (240 x 600 cm.) at the Museum of Kyoto, Japan.
Statement from the jury: In this work, the combination of marble-patterned, plastic-laminated sheet (decorative sheet used as construction material) weft with the soft quality of warp (wool, silk, flax) creates a unique and charming relish of material. White thread against the black background and black thread against the white background form a dynamic line, swaying and vibrating to give a kinetic effect that causes viewers, as they walk along the work, to feel as if they were travelling through changing landscapes. The novelty of this work lies in the fact that weaving techniques convert the laminated sheet, a mass-produced material invented by industrial society, into an extremely gorgeous material that presents a totally different image. This feat reminds one of pottery that has been transformed by flame into an utterly different material.

Set Going 1990 (240 x 600 cm.). Plastlaminat, uld, silke og hør. Modtog Outstanding Award for billedet i Kyoto.